ShareLife® for Veterans

Share Memories. Celebrate Life.


A life matters, and everyone deserves to have his or her life shared. ShareLife® transforms the traditional funeral event into a remembrance and celebration of beautiful memories over a person’s lifetime, offering hope, healing, laughter, and tears for family and friends.

ShareLife provides Veterans’ families with a unique approach to planning a patriotic remembrance event that captures the story of a loved one’s life through innovative multi-sensory technology, storytellers, and an overall experience that leaves guests celebrating the most joyful and meaningful moments of a lifetime. ShareLife includes, but is not limited to:

Multi-Sensory Experience*

A larger than life format that shares the story of a lifetime with family and friends using video themes, picture-in-picture, music, sound effects, and scents. Memories made at the beach, on the golf course, or in the worn saddle of a Harley-Davidson are relived again in an environment like no other. In addition, with a dozen pictures, a funeral home can create a Life Tribute video in minutes that tells a life story.


Veteran’s Video Backdrop*

The Veteran’s Video Backdrop is a customized patriotic theme used in a Multi-Sensory Experience room created specifically to honor Veterans.





Below are just a few of our themes available at select VFS locations. Is there a theme you like, but don’t see? There are hundreds of possibilities available to you. Contact us today to custom create a theme for you or your loved one.


















Certified Celebrants or specially trained speakers present a meaningful and personalized service that tells the life story of a loved one. A storyteller leads the service and creates a beautiful remembrance event that captures the wonderful memories of a person’s life and can be the single officiate for the event or work alongside a member of the Clergy.


Receptions and Life Event Celebrations*

Extends the experience of a personal and meaningful remembrance event into a time of food and sharing allowing family and friends to remember their loved one in a personal and inspired event celebration. These receptions are uniquely themed around the life story of the person being remembered. These take place on-site, in the funeral home’s reception facility, or at other locations.


Patriotic Cot Cover

Honors Veterans when taking their remains into our care.


Honor Coaches*

Transports deceased Veterans to their final resting place.


Flag Retirement Program

Created to honor deceased Veterans.


Funeral Webcasting*

Delivers a live feed of the service over the internet for remote viewing for guests who cannot attend the funeral. Funeral webcasting allows anyone to be part of the service live over the internet. It can also be archived for delayed viewing of the service or downloaded to DVD as a permanent keepsake.


Themed Remembrance Events

Helps facilitate the sharing of memories and telling of a life story using themed visuals such as mementos, photo collages, props, softly playing music, and unique activities. Every detail is thoughtfully and uniquely utilized to share the individual story of a loved one’s life, creating a meaningful and personal experience.


Settings with Significance

Presents unique placement options to families selecting cremation, such as scattering in the Holy Land or having ashes put on a rocket and sent into space. When choosing a final resting place, the following options are currently available: Forever Amongst the Waves, Eternity at the Holy Land, A Living Memorial...Tree Planting, Reach for the Stars, as well as other local options.


Personalized Memorial Products

Created to memorialize your loved one. Some of these options include stunning tribute videos that can be played, viewed, and shared anywhere on any device. Custom print keepsakes are also available to our Veteran families.


*Available at select locations.