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Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the sacrifice veterans have made for the freedom of our country.


Our goal is to make the task of planning a funeral and memorial service as easy as possible for you.


We will make an urgent request for your loved one's discharge papers. That will give us the information we need to apply for all available benefits.We then assist you by promptly filing for your veterans benefits so you'll know exactly what you are entitled to and what your options are.


We are committed to helping you make informed decisions regarding the funeral services of your loved one.


Effective 1-Oct-2013 the VA has increased the Burial Allowances for qualifying veterans and their families. The VA Burial Allowance is described as two payments (1) a burial and funeral expenses allowance and (2) A plot and interment allowance. The benefit has increased from $722 to $734.


For more information regarding these benefits and to see if you may qualify, please contact us at 1-888-788-7526 and an operator will be glad at assist you in finding the nearest Veterans Funeral Specialist firm in your area or simply click here to verify eligibility.